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With clear, large fonts and an HD Backlit Screen, our monitor ensures great visibility, even in low-light conditions.

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At LAZLE, we believe in putting power back into your hands. Our range of intuitive and cutting-edge tools transcends mere devices; they're your personal companions, offering tailored insights and unwavering support on your path to vitality.

Our goal is to champion your wellness & health journey as if it were our own.

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Most Trusted Devices That Withstood the Test of Time
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Hear From Our Customers

"Perfect accuracy and easy-to-use!"

"I recently purchased the New LAZLE Blood Pressure Monitor after a friend highly recommended it to me. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now to monitor my blood pressure due to a medical condition, and I have been impressed with its accuracy and ease of use."

Sam S., Verified Buyer

"Easy to use with the simple push of a button"

"Large and clear display. Arm cuff comes with markings so you know where to align with your arm. Memory feature allows you to store readings for multiple users. Comes with a zipper case to keep it protected. Recommend."

Jessica M., Verified Buyer

"Great product to have in your home"

"This is easy to use and works as expected. LAZLE Wrist BP monitor is a great product to have in your home. For someone that requires taking my blood pressure frequently, it has been a very reliable item. Good price, good quality."

Jemma A., Verified Buyer

LAZLE USA Forehead & Ear Infrared Thermometer
Regular price $31.00
Sale price $31.00 Regular price $44.00

Upgrade to effortless and accurate temperature monitoring with the Lazle T-20T contactless infrared thermometer

The Lazle contactless infrared thermometer is a state-of-the-art health tool, incorporating the innovative Patented AMS™ technology. This cutting-edge feature allows the thermometer to automatically switch between Forehead, Ear, and Object Mode, ensuring versatile and accurate temperature measurements.

It is designed to detect body or object temperatures with laboratory precision from a short distance, making it incredibly convenient and hygienic. The thermometer also offers the flexibility to display temperature readings in either Celsius (℃) or Fahrenheit (℉), catering to user preferences and international standards. This makes it an essential device for both home and professional settings, providing reliable and quick temperature assessments.


Dual-Mode Measurement

Wide range of Measurements

Our versatile thermometer offers Dual-Mode Measurement, suitable for ear, forehead, and objects. It can accurately scan surfaces, rooms, and even liquids like milk. Ensure to maintain a distance of 0 to 1.5 inches from the forehead for precise readings. This well-engineered device not only measures body and object temperatures but also alerts users when temperatures exceed normal ranges. For the human body, it detects temperatures within 32℃ to 49℃, while for objects, it ranges from 0℃ to 100℃.

Buzzer Alarm 

Efficiency and reliability 

Experience rapid temperature measurement with our digital infrared thermometer, providing ultra-fast readings in just a second. It's equipped with a buzzer alarm that promptly alerts you once the measurement is completed, ensuring efficiency and reliability in temperature monitoring.

Auto-memory function

No More Manual Recording of Readings

Lazle T-20T thermometer features an auto-memory function that allows you to easily store and track the temperature history of your family with a 40-slot memory log. Additionally, it is designed with an automatic shutdown feature that turns the device off after 13 seconds of inactivity, ensuring enhanced longevity and efficiency.

Three-color indicating

Fever Alert System

Lazle Digital forehead thermometer comes with an intuitive LCD display, which not only provides precise temperature readings but also uses a three-color alert system for different temperature ranges. White indicates a temperature between 89.6-99.2℉ (32-37.3℃), orange signifies a range of 99.3-100.3℉ (37.4-37.9℃), and red alerts for a temperature between 100.4-109.2℉ (38-42.9℃), making it easier to understand your health status at a glance.

Read data easily

Excellently designed backlit screen

Featuring a High-Definition Backlit Screen, this thermometer boasts a superbly crafted display that ensures you can clearly read measurement data in any setting, be it under bright daylight or in complete darkness. Its user-friendly design makes it convenient for use at any time and place.

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